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Remote Off-Site

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ROM – Remote Off-Site Monitoring

Proactive Video Monitoring

The CCTV monitoring solution provided by ROM is off-site monitoring. ROM team will monitor every movement of each camera of your CCTV system. It is the most comprehensive electronic monitoring available and will protect your site around the clock. At our monitoring station we will be able to detect any security breaches in real time and act accordingly. A major advantage of this type of electronic monitoring is that it allows your response team to instantly assess and verify the level of breach and, of equal importance, cut out all false alarms. Research has shown that monitoring your CCTV system by an off site team, as opposed to internal security staff, greatly reduces the risk of in-house security breaches.


Off-site monitoring of CCTV

Removes the human factor and inevitable risk from your security strategy

Virtual monitoring technology

Our virtual monitoring technology can give you the peace of mind that goes along with knowing that your property has full surveillance at all times. As an independent security solution provider, our off-site monitoring not only monitors and detects security threats throughout the day and night, but it also provides us with the data needed to audit service providers, such as reaction and guarding companies, for you

Customized Reporting

Tired of doing your own video searches? ROM has a department that reviews all relevant cameras to provide a concise summary of what happened on camera with related police report data, if available. ROM’s video review department helps save clients time and money by providing customized reporting to help deliver video evidence and customized reporting

Remote Video Monitoring

Remote video monitoring provides better coverage without putting anyone in danger, since the surveillance is done remotely.
CCTV security systems include

● Motion-detector sensors
● Email alerts
● Decentralized IP cameras
● Infrared capability
● Live transmission

CCTV security systems

● Access to archive records
● Facial and voice recognition system
● Mobile app support capability
● Wireless enabled systems
● Remote monitoring

Stealth Monitoring Designs, Installs, Services, and

Live-Monitors Security

ROM takes a proactive approach with live monitoring and surveillance. Our highly trained staff monitor key areas of your property to help prevent crimes before they happen. We don’t wait for alarms.

We watch for and evaluate suspicious activity in real-time. Our trained operators activate speakers at unwanted trespassers who typically go running off your property since they are unaware they are being watched! We call police with live reports on criminals often BEFORE they break in or do damage

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