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Off-Site CCTV Monitoring

How Does Video Surveillance System Monitoring Work? Video surveillance systems seem to be everywhere these days.  But video surveillance system monitoring is a relatively new field. In the old days, you would install a video surveillance system and hit record on a VCR...

Benefits of off-site monitoring are as follows

CCTV offers all their clients alarm/trigger based off site monitoring. The cctv system at the clients premises is setup to transmit live video to the CCTV off site control room when and event occurs, an event can be  anything from motion on the cameras, beams ...

Smart Safe

ROM is a proud monitoring partner of Smart Safe Visit the Smart Safe website here

CCTV Security

ROM can interface with existing CCTV setups and our diligent technicians will have your system installed and maintained 24/7


Jul 7, 2019

Mr. Roy Wyman

Mr. Roy Wyman


“I would say that in over 60% of the sites we monitor, we have totally removed the security officers after hours. During office hours, there are still specific things that security officers have to do that no technology can do as well. And many of the sites that close down on weekends often do not require manpower there. We do the monitoring


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