About us

About Remote Off-Site Monitoring


The system we utilise to monitor our client’s site, is a highly scalable application, allowing local and remote control of any CCTV system, from an entry level system with a small amount of cameras, to a large installation with multiple cameras.  We are able to convert existing analogue based CCTV systems to digital remote monitoring systems without current equipment obsolescence.  All these, at a cost effective rate. The cameras, alarm sensors and detectors that are located at the client’s site, connects to CCTV transmission equipment.
Our command centre provides audible and visual notification of alarms.


When an alarm sensor is set off, the digital images of what has generated the alarm is transmitted to our Command Centre. The operators then responds to the alarm as per the agreed alarm procedures i.e. audio challenge to warn off intruders through bidirectional audio link, contact the relevant emergency service, patrol the site and more.  If an emergency service is contacted, the operators remain in contact with the emergency service to describe the situation in real time.


Interactive monitoring takes the role of video verification a step further.  It provides an interface platform between the client and its employees and our command centre operators.  At just a “press” of an attention button, the client and its employees are instantly connected, through an audio and video link, to our command centre.


Routine site patrols are conducted by our command centre

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is founded on the principles of customer service, leading to
growth and customer satisfaction. We do this by becoming fully involved in
our clients’ projects, from site  surveys, to systems design and commissioning,
training and comprehensive maintenance.
This dedication from our side ensures a satisfied client who has peace of mind.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide a uncompromising first world Remote Monitoring service,
which will assist with loss-control and crime prevention
to clients who are serious about their security risks.


Remote Off-Site Monitoring has a vision to be a dynamic world class suppliers of security related
services for the benefit of all our stakeholders.


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