Remote Monitoring

Remote Off-Site Monitoring

has become a great tool in the security sector.
With Remote Monitoring technology ROM can monitor multiple sites and have complete control of access as well as eliminate any collusion factor.

Control Room

Our technically advanced, ergonomically correct Control Room is designed around various integration
solutions. For this reason, we have the ability to offer clients various solutions to suit their individual need,
from active monitoring to complete site security management and weighbridge auditing.

Full automation of the client’s premises can be obtained remotely, thus creating a lock tight, unbiased security
system. VOIP is one of the uniquely integrated off-site monitoring tools used to create awareness and
communication with staff members, security guards or intruders.

In case of a security breach, Remote Off-Site Monitoring can remotely take control of the situation, taking hold
of the intruders by following detailed client-specific procedures and protocols until such time as the response
unit arrives on site.