Access Control

Access Control

Providing your location with safety, convenience and efficiency.
ROM’s Access control systems are ideal for securing the premises and integrating with the company’s time and attendance systems.
ROM access control systems are Designed by professional Security engineers,  producing high quality products that offer true reliability.
So you can be assured that our access control systems are
able to improve your company’s security.


We must be open for collections and deliveries 24 hours a day and need appropriate access control levels to our site for the many companies and drivers we deal with.
Our current system is simple but because of recent significant stock discrepancies we have to supervise the loading and unloading of trucks.
But we don’t want to employ a full time person  just to supervise…


The truck arrives at the gate and the driver pushes the button on the intercom. The ROM Operator identifies the driver, disarms the alarm system, turns on the lights and opens the gate. For the next 30 minutes the Operator observes and records the driver’s actions as he drops off his load and picks up the next consignment. On completion the Operator escorts the drive off the site and locks up the site again. The few stock discrepancies now reported are easily resolved by a search of the relevant video footage.